When I write a book, I often come up with a cast of characters to help me visualize, and also because I love fantasizing that someday my story might be made into a movie. So here is what I was picturing while writing the book. What do you think? Any suggestions for a different cast?




 Jason O’Mara is definitely my Jack Sullivan

     And Naomi Watts is Ashley Price.



The woods behind Ashley’s house. I tell you, I would not go out there at night. Especially not with a serial killer on the loose. Well, Ashley is tougher than I am.


And this is her remote farmhouse. Simple but picturesque. I think it would be perfect for an artist who wanted quiet and nature.


The frozen reservoir. It’s picturesque, but very moody. I can definitely see bad things happening here. Can you imagine being trapped under all that ice? Very scary.


Two winters ago, we were actually out ice skating on a pond that looked a lot like this place, with the extended family. Before we got on the ice, I told the troops to stay separated. Do not bunch up in one spot as we had no idea how strong the ice was at that point. I wanted them to spread the weight. I also told them not to go near the reeds. Reeds move in the wind, agitating the water, so the ice doesn’t freeze well around them.


All went well until my sister called out, “Look, there’s a letter frozen in the ice!” Well, of course, most everyone rushed to see. Crack. Pop. Yep, they all fell in. Luckily, they were in a shallow area. But frozen over water is always dangerous.


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